The Price of having an Opinion & View on Social Media

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Drew Lima12:08 AM | 07 Aug 2018

Off-Site Entry: Free Start Date/Time: 06 Aug 2018 | 03:00 PM End Date/Time: 06 Aug 2018 | 05:00 PM There should never be a price for speaking your mind & having an opinion & views that are different from anyone else. Yet here we are it's 2018 and our very rights to Freedom of Speech is systematically being infringed & taken away, Why & How did we get to this point... Did Alex Jones get taken down because of Hate Speech, the answer is simple NO, It was because of Politics & Congressmen Demanding it at Judiciary Committee Hearing, But Yet our Supreme Court as been very clear on Hate Speech & that it is protected under the Constitution & that is their job to define NOT Congress!!! Here is the Link to the Judiciary Committees last Hearing with FB YT/google & Twitter you guys really need to watch this video all of it & you will see the real truth & the clear violation to the very oaths that these senators have taken & the fact that they want to end free speech across the internet... Link: This is why #AlexJones Got taken down, I suggest you watch it because we are all next, our very own congress men/women demanding that this happens Category: Tags : #Censorship ##RealAlexJones #FaceBook #Youtube #Twitter #Apple #Spotify #Freedom of Speech #Hate Speech #Supreme Court #Congress #Judiciary Committee #Shadow Banning #Opinion #Views #Price 2Join 0Invite
  • Christina Taft

    Focusing on InfoWars being banned a lot today! It is wrong that people cannot speak. Made another video too which shows other people censored too. I know it's probably in the millions overall just by what I gather.

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